There are so many excellent sites on the internet for anyone working in prehospital and retrieval medicine, or other bits of critical care. They sometimes have different views, but that only makes them more worth a look :

PHARM: Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine

Kicked off by Minh Le Cong this site for all things prehospital and retrieval is full of great links, podcasts and general stuff.


Run by Scott Weingart, an excellent source for all things critical care and resuscitation.

St Emlyn’s

Another great emergency blog (yep, the emergency guys definitely have the best of it in this space).

Life in the Fast Lane

As if you hadn’t found it already.

Intensive Care Network

Such a great site.

Auckland HEMS

Big set up for a newer service.

Sydney HEMS

Plenty of material to be found here.

Kangaroo Island Docs

The more retrieval we do, the more we admire those in rural areas.

Broome Docs

Ditto for this site.


Obviously if you’re interested in the actual CareFlight site and what they do, you can go here.

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