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Collective Podcast Ep 2 – On Traumatic Cardiac Arrest and This and That

Well finally we have a second podcast up. This is a quick chat about an approach to traumatic cardiac arrest, given the recent publication of guidelines we all like to read. The chat features Alan Garner and Andrew Weatherall and also touches on use of the AAJT which was recently added to the plan at CareFlight.

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Of course there are some notes to go with the podcast.

Alan mentions the HOTTT drill stuff. Here’s the package that goes with it. HOTTT Drill

There’s also a few papers worth looking at for comparison:

The Lockey one.

The Harris one.

The Sherren one.

And the link to the ERC Guidelines.t

Anyway, here it is:

Right click and choose save as to download the podcast. (That’s control-click if you’re on a trusty Mac.)

Or of course you can find it on iTunes.